Gosport Golden Mile 2017

Today was the day of the Gosport Golden Mile and the 5th anniversary of a brilliant family event. The mile race, which is accompanied by a 5k and wheelchair race, is a flat course along stokes bay promenade in a lovely town filled with an energetic and friendly bunch of runners. I, along with a lot of people, dread the mile when it comes around each year because it’s that sort of distance where you have no choice but to run it as quick as humanly possible just to get a PB (personal best) to write on the wall in absolute running and brag to all your running pals at how great you are. My favourite part of the day is definitely watching all the children run away from their parents on the junior mile and making them look like they are trying to get away with looking 10 years young. Another thing that I want to talk about is how the weather is so unpredictable. The first year that I done this was super hot and another year it was the complete opposite with high winds, rain and waves crashing over the top of your head but there isn’t any need to worry about your child’s safety as that is taken care of by a group of lovely marshals. This years race was another extremely hot one which is not always enjoyable but hey you can not tell mother nature what to do so you just have to put up with it.

So here’s how the day went. We left the house at 8:30am so we could be there with plenty of time so there was no rushing around. Once the car was parked and number collected we made our way up towards the start line in order to be there for a quick warm up. As it approached 9:30am everyone for the junior mile started to gather together and all the Young Runners made sure we were at the front of the crowd for a quick start.
As the horn sounds I find myself sprinting off and being pushed along by everyone behind me. When running, people I don’t know and Gosport Road Runners were shouting encouragement as I found myself in third position which I was shocked by. As I cross the line I am greeted by the loud voice of Rebecca cheering me on along with others. After my race it was time for the senior mile which my mum (Tracy Slade) finished in 6:33sec. As my mum had left her phone with Kim, a GRR and marshal, we had to walk a long way to retrieve it and then walk back for the presentation where I was presented with a trophy and some cash for coming third overall in the junior mile and completing it in 5:42sec.

Well done to all who ran, completed the wheelchair race, marshalled, spectated and organised the event. The official race photos are not up online yet but I will add them in when they are.


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