A stormy 5k

It’s September now so this means the last of the  5k summer series has arrived along with the wet and windy autumnal weather. I have recently bought a tom tom runner 3 watch so was going to pace myself for a pb but to my mistake I forgot to figure out how to use the watch before the race so ended up having somebody else help me with pacing. We were all dreading the run due to the strong winds and downpours of rain. I had a feeling that I might be on for a Pb despite all of the hurdles in the way. The night started off with me getting there early to grab my number to save waiting in a long queue and any rushing around, I also needed my Jaffa cakes to give me a boost seen as they are filled with sugar. After me and Rebecca were prepared with our numbers we went inside bayside cabin cafe to shelter from the cold outside and as we were chatting we seen all the Gosport Road Runners heading towards the start for a photo so we thought we would go and have a look. As we got outside we soon came to realisation that the race was about to start, but early. We rushed over and dumped our stuff in the car before setting off. I stayed with Paul so I knew I would have the presence of someone to keep me going but it is reasonably difficult in the wind when you’re small like me. I kept going and stuck to a good pace throughout but near to the end I could feel my legs weakening after taking a battering from the wind. In the end I did not get a Pb but I was happy considering the conditions. Soon after me and Paul headed towards the big white tent to see the prizes for age catergory’s but the computers were not coping well so there wasn’t any at that time. We headed back out to watch and cheer Rebecca coming in and we were also greeted with donuts which were so delicious and what we all wanted at that point. The race was a great last one of the series and many Pb’s were achieved. I can’t wait until next years series.


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