Parkrun 03: I became a Run Director

After almost 1 year of volunteering at parkrun, yesterday was the day I became a run director at Lee-on-the-Solent.

Leading up to the day I was becoming more and more nervous as public speaking wasn’t really my thing and I remember back in April I wrote ‘parkrun 01’ and in it I said “One of these days I might be run director but that isn’t that likely considering im not good with talking in front of new people let alone nearly 500!”. Although it was only 277 that day, it still was a huge amount of people for me.So the day went a little something like this. I got down there at around 8am and was greeted with the sight of the beach on such a tranquil morning, the sea was flat and the sky was a cornflower blue. I head towards the blue shelter in order to lay out the kit, as it was my first time being run director I wanted to be prepared, ready for the volunteers. After it was all laid out ready I started to gather together my serval bits of paper to read out in the briefing. There was many tourists and milestones that day so had to write them all down. At 8:50am the new runners briefing was needed to be announced but the microphone had a mind of its own so didn’t want to cooperate, so Rebecca had to shout for me. It turns out you have to do more than just flick the on switch on the speaker, you also have to extend the aerials out too.

When the time came for me to start the briefing I hopped on the ladder and felt fine but once I started to speak, my legs started to shake but as I got further in it felt okay and was over quite quickly.

So the hard part was over and i stood and talked for the rest of the duration of the run. There was no incidents, the timers were in sync and so were the tokens so everything went well.

As usual we went to Leon’s for the results to be uploaded and breakfast of course. This time it was different though because I was the one doing the results and it was done quickly due to only a handful of manual entry’s to be slotted in. I got my toast, cake and coffee and relaxed and thought to myself, when can I do it again?

A lovely day and a enjoyable first run director.


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