All about spring

Spring arrived a little late in the UK this year due to snow towards the end of March but after that the weather seemed to be improving well.

Mid April, we had a mini heatwave with temperatures rising to 24 degrees Celsius and bringing along beautiful bright blue skies and vibrant flowers. I would of liked to of taken some photos but I was a bit busy with enjoying the rarity of this sort of weather so decided to leave the camera in the drawer this time around.

Although we had this flash of good weather, it came crashing down and now we are immersed in the cold, dull and dreary weather that we are used to.

This morning I took a couple of photos even though it was grey outside and I think they turned out well considering the lighting was quite poor. Photography is fun but compared to last year there seems to be a lot less plant life about which makes finding a good place to get photos a little bit harder than usual.

I am for sure hoping that we have a good summer providing plenty of opportunities for photos, especially when living by the sea.


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