A month left of school

I can not believe how fast these past 5 years have gone! I have only one month before I finish school and my exams start on Tuesday.

When I first arrived at secondary school 5 years ago, I was nervous as I was entering a new environment filled with new people. I didn’t know anyone at all because I came from a very small primary school where there was only 9 people in my whole year group, only 9! This was a very big step because my new year had now almost 350 people in! I had a really nice tutor which helped me to settle in quick which is always a positive.

In year 7 you would never think how quick 5 years would actually pass by but now when looking back it went extremely fast and soon I will be in college.

At college I plan on taking psychology, art, geography and maths at A level; I still have no idea what I will do with them afterwards as there are so many different career paths to take these days with the rapid growth of technology. If I get the correct grade to take maths at A level, I may go into accounting.

I already have both a GCSE in general studies and a qualification in finance which is a bonus because I have a better chance of getting enough GCSEs to get into the college that I would like.

After I finish all my exams, which is in mid June, I will only have a few weeks until prom. On the morning of prom we have our leavers assembly where we basically celebrate our time in the school and are given our leavers hoodies if we ordered one. Prom will be held at our school and will be fun night, apart from the hog roast they have every year.

So I only have a month left in secondary school before a long summer and into college in September. This year is going to be an eventful one ☝🏻


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