First run back

Today was my first run since I did Stubbington 10k which was back in January now! I should of definitely done some running between then and now but I haven’t so I went to breakfast club today. If you don’t know what breakfast club is, it’s where a group of us run 30 minutes out and 30 minutes back at your own pace and we usually have breakfast afterwards.

Since not running in such a long time I was going slower than my usual pace but it was great because I had lovely company and the weather was so nice; it was definitely the perfect morning for a run. I’m not too bothered about PBs anymore and just tend to go at whatever pace but of course there are the few times where I’ll go for a PB, most commonly at races.

Instead of breakfast this morning I opted for the hot chocolate with whipped cream and cake. I think I definitely made the best choice there as it was very good.

I have a few races booked for this year, the biggest one being the Great south run. The furthest I have ever run was 9.5 miles on a lap race, half a mile extra won’t be a challenge but since not doing any running I will need to build it all back up in order to achieve a time that I would like. It’s my first one so I don’t have the pressure of getting a PB because any time I get will be a PB.

Hopefully after all my exams and a long summer I will have plenty of time for races and running.


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