A week off from exams | Week 01

I only have two more weeks left of school which means that exams are nearly over, well I say nearly over; I’m halfway through them. Oh, how amazing it will feel walking out of that last exam and not having to do any more of them. Is there even one person who can actually truthfully say they enjoy exams? I’m not too sure that there is, to be honest.

Exams are the most stressful things in the world and at our school, they have an old-fashioned handheld school bell that they ring before we go into the hall to make us close our traps but all it really does is make us louder. Then when the teachers start shouting we begin to get silent and then they say we can go in and we squeeze in every last word we have before the overly lengthy exam. There is one thing that I have learnt from these exams and that is you must not finish early and there is a perfectly good reason for that. If you decide that you have had enough of writing about Romeo and Juliet and the relationships between young people and adults, you find that when you sit back you have no chance of being able to relax. When you sit back all that goes through you is the fear of the invigilator thinking that you are cheating just because you keep looking up at the clock to see how much longer of this you have to endure. The worst thing about the invigilators is how they always have loud shoes, have their hands behind their back and walk around with their heads bobbing like chickens.

I got a job!

I have been looking for a job for some time now and I did get a paper round at the start of this year but I would like to be able to earn my own money and have an actual job. Where I live it is a challenge to find a place that will take you if you are 15 because most places want you to have either some sort of qualifications or be 16 years of age. I had enquired in a few places but no one was interested in me until I asked a local bookshop. I went for an interview and I got the job! I had finally got something.

Getting my prom suit.

So a month ago I went into moss bros to find me a suit for prom. We chose to get a custom made one so it fits the best but when we went back a month later, once it had been made, the waistcoat didn’t fit and the trouser legs were different lengths. We had to remeasure and wait another week for it to be corrected. It came back and it fits great and I actually like it, well I don’t really like formal wear but I like this one.

RD at lee parkrun.

It was my turn to be RD at parkrun this week and I think it went pretty well. There were no incidents and the timers and tokens were all good. Speaking of tokens, I managed to forget them in the cafe after doing the results; oops. It was enjoyable and I am so excited for lee parkrun’s 3rd birthday!


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