Holiday snapshots | Kos

On Tuesday the 17th of July the journey from London Gatwick to Kos, Greece began. Our plane soured into the sky at 4:50pm leaving us with views all around and excitement for our 1 week adventure.

The plane that we were on was a TUI, Boeing 787 Dreamliner. We sat at the front of the plane in premium class, which was amazing and the features that this plane had were so cool.

When arriving in Kos the memories of the tiny airport, that we were revisiting, came back. The whole arrival section was just one small room which was not enough for the amount of flights. The capacity of this airport is meant to be a maximum of 7 planes but when we landed we were the 12th plane on the tarmac so it was a manic place to be.

We stayed at the holiday village which was situated next to the town of Marmari, on the north coast of the island.

Upon arriving at the hotel it was around midnight so it was hard to tell what the hotel was really like. When rising in the morning it was clear that how big the complex was and how nicely presented it was.

In the complex there was a tennis court, we decided to play this on the last two days of our holiday after we had had breakfast. It was a lot of fun but very hot. I don’t think many people knew about them as they were empty most of the time but we knew they were there as our room was next to them at the back of the hotel.

Whilst in Kos, there was a couple of times that we walked 1km down the road to the town of Marmari. Every time we sat and had either a drink or drink and food. There wasn’t a lot in this town because the major tourist area was Kos town which was 14km away from where we were. One of the times whilst walking back from Marmari, we stopped off at a little table on the beach where a man was selling beautiful handcrafted ceramics, he was very nice and of course we bought a few.

Kos is a beautiful island and one of the amazing things that you can see is the sunset. You can stand on the beach with your feet resting on the white sand, waves calmly rolling onto the shore, whilst watching the sun fall behind the horizon revealing some beautifully vibrant colours.

Just outside of the hotel there was a small group of goats that were on the beach, one of the entertainment challenges one night was to get a selfie with one of the goats and tag the holiday village on instagram. I had previously seen the goats whilst on a walk to the town of Marmari and I decided to name my favourite one, Arnold.

Whilst staying at the holiday village you can book one free meal in their Greek restaurant and one in their American diner. The way it works is you sit down and they bring out maybe 10 different starters that is called the chefs welcome, giving you the opportunity to try a variety of dishes. After you have finished off with your mammoth starters you move onto choosing your main and desert. Both restaurants where delicious and I wanted to go back to them again.

The hotel had great evening entertainment too, well it had great children’s entertainment which went onto 10pm which is almost 3 hours for the kids. This is because it is a holiday village and is more towards family’s than adult entertainment. The entertainment team were very good and definitely a lot of fun for both kids and adults. The live and loud part of the entertainment was my favourite with groovy, upbeat dances that I couldn’t seem to learn 😂. There was a lot of fun games to be played and watched so provided fun evenings as well as days.

Overall the holiday was very good and the hotel staff were extremely nice and a lot of fun. I love the Greek islands and people, I would love to visit a lot more of the beautiful islands.

Do you want to visit a Greek island, if so which one?

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