Sat by the lake

It looked like it was a nice day outside yesterday, slightly overcast but warm. I didn’t want to just sit inside watching YouTube the whole day but I wasn’t sure what to do instead. I went out with nothing planned and ended up being at the lake for the majority of the afternoon. The lake was at its highest point in the day which meant that the water was up by the wall, this means that it is a perfect time to sit on the wall and dangle our feet over the edge.

Whilst sat on the wall looking into the water, the amount of crabs you could see in the water was quite amazing. I never would of thought that crabs that size would be in there, along with very large fish.

There were a few people down there with kayaks and paddle boards which is what a lot of people do around here. It is fun to sit there and people watch, meanwhile the idea of going to get our kayak, that we had just bought, sprung into my head.

As of going to get the kayak I remembered that it was still in the packaging that it was delivered in and that I would have to put in the seat as well as build the trolley to pull it. After some struggling figuring out how to build the trolley we were off out again.

The only problem was that the trolley didn’t clip into place in anyway so it collapsed multiple times. We had to take the kayak off of the trolley and carry it part the way there and all the way back.

It was fun using it on the lake and because the lake was at its highest point it meant that I could paddle up next to the wall.

All in all it was a fun afternoon out.


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